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I am really not a typical blogger, fashion nor writer. I am just simply expressing, what is in my heart. And for what I know, blogging is not just about telling your adventures, venting dramas, creating poems, etc. It is about what have you learned to all of it.

I know exactly how exciting a blogger’s life is! It is very interesting that you will really make time to read their stories/experiences. Everyone is a blogger, because everyone has feelings. The only difference is that you share what you have learned about life and you inspire people who need guidance to their life too. 

Blogging has taught me how to be brave, to always see brighter sides, and to never give up. This is why I can’t leave this blogging life I already begun, because I know, in here, there is no end.

Everyday, I am blessed by You. You keep light along my journey to see where will I lead to. You guide me to the right directions, and walk beside me for protection. You are the best comforter and the right person to have in my entire life. You have given me each day a better life and a more improve self worth. 

You are my God and my savior, from this day forward and forever. May you continue to bless me and all the people You have brought into my life. Make me the person I am destined to. I will forever be grateful for the amazing life You have given me. Thank You so much for being the bestest man.

I miss you blog! :’(



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Sure, this is just a social networking site
But this, this I know for sure
It is a site unlike any other
A site where we are free to be ourselves
A site where we become writers of our own time
A site that bends every rule we know
A site where in talking to strangers is never a bad thing
A site where we found new friends
A site where belongingness is felt
A site where you can find someone to relate with
A site where some find love and happiness
A site were we’ve met
And a site where you said your goodbye..
- Tumblr and everything || s.j.  (via qwertyscribbles)