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Hello New Change!

I haven’t posted awhile now, but I will never leave my blogging world. Hey readers! How are you doing? My mailbox is always open for you. Sorry for taking this blog for granted, I wasn’t really in control for my to-do’s, my future depends there. Semester break here in the Philippines is fast approaching, that’s why I’m happy and I’m really busy for my finals. All the efforts will be worth it soon. I’m just taking a rest for today because I was really stress the past weeks, so I’m taking this chance to blog.

Well as for my title, I want to tell you how happy I am because change has embraced me so much, and I know I still need to learn more.This is just not about my life; I gave a little new make-over for my blog, try to check it out! I tweaked Dems's public theme. Her theme always suits my likes. She is amazing! I'm happy and very contented with the new change, what do you think?

Anyway, Hello! :)

From where I stand,

I know things would become better. All the fears I kept, all the truths hidden, all the struggles and frustrations, the tears, and the downfalls, I know it will help me someday. God knows how and why I do such things. I kept myself happy whenever I’m not. I told myself to stay fine, when everything falls apart. I hold on to patience, respect and love which is why I’m still here, standing on the earth’s ground.

From where I stand I’m keeping my confidence. Even I have a little of it. I believe that I can do much better, I can improve for something bigger. Everything I did is not for my own, but for all who have made me see that life is a gift that I should always be thankful for. On where I stand, I won’t stop to until I reach my dreams and make more in the future.

There are some reasons why we always hide those true and sincere feelings. Feelings are fragile and we don’t want somebody to tear or break our hearts again. But some times, we can’t control what we try to take care of because of too much expectations and too much pride. The only thing that has keeping us strong and happy, is the trust on ourselves and the fear to lose someone special again. 

I’m typing this down not because I want to, but because I just can’t help it. I don’t even know what I’m saying here, but I really feel less important. Maybe in some point, I need to vent this thing out. 


These past few days, I’ve been craving something unusual, something I’ve never taste in my entire life. Don’t ask me what, because I don’t know either. Well, another apology for not posting on here.  My life behind this screen has been so tough. If only I could ask God to stop the time for me, I would. I have free times, but I’m using it for school agendas too. College life is really trying me.

The spirit within me took me by surprise, the last week. I wasn’t feeling well, but my body has survived it anyway. I want to tell you how relieved I am because midterm is halfway done. I might expect more meetings with friends, and dates. I’m available if you want to be with me too.

I might post later again. Thank you for reading! :)

Have you had a best friend? The one who never leaves you, the one who supports you, the one who cares about you every minute, the one who is your partner in doing crazy stuffs, etc. I had one, or two, but I wasn’t sure. I realized that they were just my closest friends, not a “best friend”, both boy and a girl.

You know, it’s hard to find one though. Even how friendly we are as a person, we couldn’t find a friend that is worth it to be called as the best. We do not have to oblige ourselves to make or find one, because they are just there, waiting for us to accept them. They are just in a corner, wishing about us too. But you couldn’t have a best friend if you are not good as a friend as well. Best friend is more like siblings, added to that is a lover, another name for partners, and a supporter and adviser. That’s what I defined a best friend. The one who is the best, the one we can call a family with only one person involved.

So for my best friend, wherever you are, I need you here right now. I hope to see you soon, and I promise that we will be the best.