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Sure, this is just a social networking site
But this, this I know for sure
It is a site unlike any other
A site where we are free to be ourselves
A site where we become writers of our own time
A site that bends every rule we know
A site where in talking to strangers is never a bad thing
A site where we found new friends
A site where belongingness is felt
A site where you can find someone to relate with
A site where some find love and happiness
A site were we’ve met
And a site where you said your goodbye..
- Tumblr and everything || s.j.  (via qwertyscribbles)

I dreamt of you last night, but I couldn’t remember what happened. All I know, and what I can feel, is that you need me. Don’t worry hunn, I am going to visit you soon. I miss you!

I wish you’ll visit my dreams more often.

Against not against.

The school shouts for faster time because they are all very excited for semestral break; time to relax. But I realized that while they are busy thinking of plans for the break, the final exams are also fast approaching.

Even I, I am excited to get relaxed but I have to focused first on the things that would happen in between. Final Exams will be in two weeks away and I still have many requirements to be done before I will take the break off. I couldn’t say that this stress makes me feel weak tho.

And for many reasons, I also hate being busy and too focused on most of the things. Because if I have, I couldn’t make it any better because of thinking in a rush.

When an ordinary day turns awesome!

Spent the whole day working for my College buddies and had our first outing at Jeers Pool Resort. They made me their photographer since I was the only one who can’t bath because of a girl problem “thingy”. I still had fun though. I absolutely did.

We had our boodle fight at lunch, swim, ate and most of the time, laugh for the rest of the day. They are awesome companions and very wild creatures. We’re just few, but we made the whole resort rock! We went home still with smiles drawn in our faces :)

Thoughts on three in the afternoon.

Not becuase I don’t talk much about you, I don’t love you anymore. Only you and I will understand each other that’s why I’m keeping it until we see flesh to flesh again. You know what I feel, you know what is in my heart and you know exactly what I want.

I keep my mouth shut because I know I’ll hurt somebody, which I really don’t want to happen. You know that. I tried because I know it is different now. You gave me this choice and I am regretting nothing. So, better be happy for me this time because I need someone to fix me when you broke my heart.